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Poetic justice runs throughout the pages of PoetDannyQueen’s newest work, the Book of Tributes, a compilation of poems dedicated to the creative genius of artists and activists alike. Playful, musical, powerful and telling - Queen weaves together an anthology of poetry that honors the contributions of influencers of the past and present. From world leaders to everyday men and women, Queen highlights those who have made significant contributions to our world at large. Book of Tributes sings praise for Nat King Cole, Prince and Duke Ellington. Political tributes feature justice fighters Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy and Mother Teresa. Inspirational tributes include poems dedicated to Freddie Gray and a special poem for single mothers. Queen's poetry touches on the lives of sports legends Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. A must read for its breadth of expression, inspiring words and provoking turn-of-phrase, Book of Tributes is a profoundly personal offering that takes us through time and space in celebration of spirit rising, of the poetic justice that shows up in the here and the now.

Book Of Tributes Ebook

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