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Danny Queen

Queen’s Palace was established in 1985 to publish and promote the poetic works of Danny Queen, known professionally as PoetDannyQueen.  Queen, hailed as a Master Spoken-word Poet, is the author of several books and poetry collections and the host of Color Me Poetry. The mission of Queen’s Palace is to communicate, demonstrate, and advance the beauty and power of poetry to the world. Learn more about Queen’s Palace and the work of PoetDannyQueen at


For thousands of years, there has been those who walk among us who are gifted with clarity, and able to capture the inner essence of place, space, and time in a way that translates life to our hearts, minds, and souls. Brother Danny Queen, the “Poet Minister” serves God through serving others, sharing his uniquely crafted and liberating skill. This labor of love, The Book of Tributes, provides a penetrating and soul stirring testimony of the brilliance and irrepressible spirit and genius of the African American artist. He takes us on a journey of rediscovery, with an affirmation that there is no depth that is unreachable, as he challenges us to never forget the living power embodied within us to be magnificent. The Poet Minister has again enlightened and entertained, and in doing so rescued and even reconstructed the truth of just how exceptional we are in God’s plan and purpose.  

Minster: Eric Kareem

Family Life Center


Danny Queen is a word Warrior. From the mountaintop of his talent, he surveys the world of his people and with meter and rhyme illuminates the darkness in which they suffer, the hopes that keep them rising to each new challenge and the pearls of their genius that continue to amaze and inspire the world. Danny Queen is a verse soldier in the ancient traditions of the griots, jegnas, and jellimusas whose swords were made of truth and whose shields were woven from the love for the people. They held history aloft saving it for the generations yet unborn. In the manner & spirit of the ancient Egyptians, I bid Brother Danny "ankh, wedja, seneb" life, prosperity, health.

CR Gibbs


Danny Queen is a visionary whose passion for his people has propelled him to poetically record a slice of their history. In his latest literary masterpiece, The Book of Tributes, Danny has written what might be classified as mini-memoirs. Skillfully researched and rhythmically balanced, these writings are a testament to the meticulous work which has been produced by this prolific poet for more than four decades. A perfect blend of history and poetry, this book allows a glimpse into the lives of some of Black America’s most iconic figures. For history bluffs, storytellers, poets, wordsmiths, and all who love literary creativity, this book is a must-read. It spans generations and will delight both the old and the young. It is a keeper! 

Barbara Washington Smalling 

Author of Kin and Kindred Spirits


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